hammocks, baby bears and kaleidoscopes

October 22, 2008


The boy and I both needed a breath of fresh air outside the city and headed to the Catskills for a mini vaca a few weeks back. Google Mt. Tremper and one of the first things that pops up is the world’s biggest kaleidoscope. Strangely fitting? Yes. We stayed at the lazy meadow motel owned by kate from the b-52’s, took about 2.5 hours by Trailways to get up there.  There is an amazing fruit stand/farmer’s market sorta thing right across the street.*$1 per pound of honey crisp apples.* are you kidding? i ate two a day while we were there. (ps i’d like to go apple picking, anyone want to lend me their car? i’m a good driver, my license expired over a year ago but that isn’t really an issue) it rained a lot that first night and our little airstream was right on the river so we could hear both the rain and the river. AWESOME. in the morning we went and had a lovely meal in phoenicia  at Sweet Sue’s with a couple we met at the motel, they gave us a lift to woodstock. REALLY wanted to eat at the vegan cafe. NEXT TIME. wandered around Woodstock.  its pretty nice, not as cheesy hippy as you might think. got some beer and gin. went to thrift store but the highlight was this little gem of a book store. I don’t even know if it had a name.  hitch hiked back to mount tremper. i love that the people with no room are always the ones who offer a lift.  watched mad about you, knit, laid in the hammock, slept well. woke up late, hiked mt tremperish. came home.



 back to the noise, cell phones, work and email.


culture shock.


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