December 22, 2008

I forget sometimes how much I enjoy watching movies. It goes in waves. I haven’t seen anything in the theater in eons and then I go three times in a week.

December has been full of movie going for me. I havent been able to finish reading anything in a long while which is mad depressing. What did I study in college? Oh, right. Literature. Pfft.

Somehow movies are working for me right now and they don’t necessarily have to be of significant substance:

  • Madagascar 2. The Penguins are back and ready for action. Light hearted humor. Oh, so satisfying!
  • BOLT. The hamster is everything he is made out to be.
  • The Reader. I went to a screening on this with Hannah. I read this book when I was in high school and hardly remembered it but as I watched the movie the pieces were coming back together. Kate Winslet is INCREDIBLE in her role. Her character is really hard and she nails it. Well done.
  • Milk. Went to a free screening at the Scandinavian House with Remoy. It was quite good. Sean Penn… amazing as always. There was a follow up Q & A with James Franco. He is beautiful and unintelligent.
  • Trouble Every Day. This was given as a recommendation to someone at Remoy’s work who is into vampire films. We recently went to see  Let the Right One In at the Angelika… (or maybe it wasnt so recently. Opening night whenever that was…)  I got a big kick outta it. Its a little bit romantic… a little bit funny…  The only annoying thing about the evening was that I sat next to strangers because the theater was so full none of the group got to sit near one another. Anyway, I put it on my Netflix queue… My thought was it has Vincent Gallo, Buffalo’s indie pride n joy, it can’t be too bad, no?   Wrong….. its is plain ole gross and I didnt sleep as well as a shoulda. Yuck. 
  • To lighten the mood yesterday Remoy and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire.  It is a great movie. Highly recommended. 


………I still have Christmas knitting to do.