monday mornin

April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009



Fountain Pen Shawl: DONE. I am going to wear this a lotta. I have a couple weddings this summer too.

Sierra: MOVED. Pretty bummed on that. She and her parents moved to Park Slope where they found a ‘nicer’ place with equal rent. I’d sell my soul to afford the downstairs apartment. Our landlord fixed it up for himself to live there but its a one bedroom and he has a 9 year old kid, so that didnt work. It has a garden space, the layout is great, 1.5 bathrooms. Did I mention the garden space? My brother gave me a hammock that he got in Mexico, I’m hoping I can figure out where to put it when I move. Anyway, I dont have a dog to hang out with on Mondays. It was wonderful but too short lived.

August 2, 2008

April 1, 2009