September 3, 2009

These are some of my addictions. I acknowledge them and will work on moderating:

Six of these things are edible: Coffee, Kombucha, Ginger Chews, Peanut Butter Pretzels, Stogo Ice Cream, Sea Salt Soy Crisps. Two of these are expensive: Kombucha and Stogo. Two are not even addictions: Ginger Chews and Soy Crisps. The worst one is probably coffee.

I do not plan on moderating my addiction to knitting. I just wanted 9 things to list and liked this painting. However, I need to limit how many projects I START.

I do not need more yarn. I plan on only getting supplies for Christmas knitting. Thats it. I recently started knitting too many shop samples and feel like Im not making progress on anything. (Eg: Sweater, baby hat, cashmere hat, shawl and mittens… all for the shop)

As for personal knitting, I started two recently after a summer long yarn diet.  I tried to knit up a lot of the stuff I have had sitting around for a while.  I of course didnt finish any of them but got a lot of yarn knit up anyway.  At least the yarn is in progress. Its a step in the right direction, eh.  Two Christmas projects are underway: one for Emu and one for Remoy. Both sweaters. Both for Christmas.

Ask me if I finished the one from last year for Em. 

Birks: I just want  to wear em everyday. I bought my first pair of Birks this season; all others were stolen from my mom’s closet.

So, this also does not really count.

Stay tuned for the uber stimulating posts, folks. They just can only get better.


One Response to “Addictions”

  1. Those peanut butter pretzels look good. Yummy!

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