without further ado, i welcome 2010

February 2, 2010

We all know I tend to run a bit late with just about everything. Nothing better than waiting a full 31 days to address the new decade, but better now than never. I haven’t posted in 4 months and thats mostly because at times I couldn’t remember my password and also because I didn’t end up deciding to publish any of my posts…. there are many-a-drafts saved which are now irrelevant. So, what have I been doing for the last 4 months or so? Let us forget 2009 and I can deal with the last month a lot easier. Better yet, lets just deal with today and today is short since it isn’t even time for me to get ready for work. This morning I woke up and baked banana bread. Here is the recipe.

How’s that?  I wont get overwhelmed writing to imaginary readers and clam up if I take on too much. By the way, that banana bread makes a lotta banana bread. Far more than what two normal people can eat in a sane period of time. which is great because when Lost Season 6 starts tonight, Remoy and I are going to a shindig to watch and celebrate. No, I still do not own a TV. Ah, ha! That is what I’ve been doing for the last 4 months- watching  a shit ton of Lost! That was a serious bit of catching up. We sometimes watched up to 4 episodes in a row. DAMN. I CANT WAIT.


One Response to “without further ado, i welcome 2010”

  1. jenn said

    I’m only starting season 1 this week. I’m the first disk into the series. I figure at this rate, I should be able to finish season 5 by the time season 6 comes out on dvd and I can watch THAT without the interruption of commercials.

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