What to do on a snow day?

February 11, 2010

  • Make soup (eg: Curried Sweet Potato Lentil Soup. Num num num!)

  • Organize something (eg: knitting patterns)

  • Knit a little (eg: Remoy’s Valentine sweater)

  • Upload a bundle of new yarns to our website (like Classic Elite and new Noro yarns, Sekku and Aya ).

  • Watch the snow come down endlessly.

  • Play scrabble with Remoy.

  • Have a snowball fight with the rad new mitts my mom made. She’s so awesome that she knit us each a pair.


City Seed Stitch Cap

July 4, 2009


Designed by Alyssa Kabel

This two tone seed stitch cap is a simple and clean design bound to please even the pickiest guy. The pebbled seed stitch pattern is both subtle and sophisticated. 

Finished Size: Adult 20 – 21” (50 cm)

Yarn: 2 balls of Rowan Organic Pure Life in two contrasting colors (137 yards/125 meters, 100% superwash wool). I used colors Barley #15 as color A and Mocha #17 as color B.

Needles: #6 16” circular and #6 DP’s Gauge: 20 sts = 4” in seed stitch (10cm)

Notions: Marker Darning needle


Cast on 101 sts with color A. Place marker. Join in the round being careful not to twist.

Row 1: *K1P1* (Note: With an odd number of stitches when connected in the round, the pattern will automatically create seed stitch.)

Repeat Row 1 with color A for 3.5” slipping the marker as you come to it. At the marker change to color B for two rounds. Alternate color A and B twice more. Break color A and continue in color B.

When hat measures 7.5”, start decreasing. When your stitches are beginning to stretch around your circular and it is becoming difficult to knit, switch to the double pointed needles or utilize the magic loop technique.

Decrease Rows: Cut yarn, leaving a 6″ (15-cm) tail. Thread tail onto a tapestry needle, draw through remaining stitches, and pull tight to close top of hat. Weave in loose ends.

Indian Gold

July 4, 2009



Designed by Alyssa Kabel 

Finished Length:          

Yarn:          1 skein of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk (100% Silk, 137 yards).

Other Materials: 1 small button for closure, less than ½” in diameter

Needles:            #2 32” addi turbo lace needle (Recommended for the extra pointy tip that is helpful when knitting re-cast on stitches.) The 24″ length is a little too bunched. 40″ would also work. 

Gauge:         N/A. The most important factor in this project is that the material is knit densely.

Note:          This pattern can easily be repeated to increase the number of strands. 


CO:          Cast on         K: Knit         P: Purl          BO: Bind Off         YO:         Yarn over

K2tog:          Knit 2 stitches together

KFBF:          Knit stitch leaving it on the left needle, knit into the back loop of this stitch, do not slip the stitch off, knit into the front of the stitch again and slide all three off together.

BO: Bind Off         YO:         Yarn over                  P3tog: purl 3 sts together


Necklace Pattern:

CO 210 sts evenly.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: K5 *bind off 8 sts, K2* repeat between *’s. End row with K7

Row 3: K7 *cast on 8 sts, K2* repeat between *’s. End row with K5.

Row 4: Knit

Row 5: Bind off stitches until one stitch remains.

Row 6: Cast on 114. (115 sts total)

Row 7: K1 *YO, K2tog*  Repeat between *’s. End row with K2.

Row 8: Knit

Row 9: Bind off stitches until one stitch remains.

Row 10: Cast on 144 sts (145 sts)

Row 11: Knit row.

Row 12: Repeat Row 9

 Row 13: Cast on 134 sts (135 sts)

Row 14: Knit one row.

Row 15: Repeat Row 9

Row 16: Cast on 124 sts (125 sts)

Row 17: K1 *Kfbf, turn, p3tog, turn, knit bobbled stitch, K3* Repeat between *’s. End row with K5.

Row 18: Bind off in the purl stitch.

Button Closure:

Pick up 4 at either end of necklace.

Knit 2 rows.

Next row: K1 st, BO 2 sts, K1.

Next row: K1, CO 2 sts, K1.

Knit 1 row even. Bind off.

Work all ends in.

Sew button on opposite end of closure.

Blocking Instructions:

Immerse necklace completely in water, soak for a minute or two. Wrap necklace in towel and squeeze excess water out. Lay flat to dry. Pull “O’s” from the first strand of the necklace open. For the bobble strand, give each bobble a tug so they stand out.  Allow time to dry.

April 6, 2009



Fountain Pen Shawl: DONE. I am going to wear this a lotta. I have a couple weddings this summer too.

Sierra: MOVED. Pretty bummed on that. She and her parents moved to Park Slope where they found a ‘nicer’ place with equal rent. I’d sell my soul to afford the downstairs apartment. Our landlord fixed it up for himself to live there but its a one bedroom and he has a 9 year old kid, so that didnt work. It has a garden space, the layout is great, 1.5 bathrooms. Did I mention the garden space? My brother gave me a hammock that he got in Mexico, I’m hoping I can figure out where to put it when I move. Anyway, I dont have a dog to hang out with on Mondays. It was wonderful but too short lived.


March 3, 2009


Good weather, good company, good yarn, good times… to say the least.
This pics are from Mayleen’s camera, I still have to upload mine.


October 12, 2008

there are many reasons why i wanted to start this blog and for some reason in order to even give it out to people in my life or to make it public…. i feel like i need to write an intro of sorts although this ain’t blog post numero uno. 

1. i read, i dont write. thats pretty important. i dont want to be judged for the order of my words or my limited vocabulary. i know good writing or at least like to think that i do. i am not capable of that nor do i desire to be. 

2. i want to log the things i keep forgetting. eg. after watching a significant film or reading a book that has a strong impact on me… i want to remember details, not just the long term lingering effect it had on my subconscious.

3. i am starting to run. i couldn’t tell you why i stopped but its been a longtime coming.  i signed up for the buffalo marathon on may 23… maybe the 29? whatever. its a sunday. i need to get my focus back (and my memory, ha). running helps and i need a long term goal. not to mention how bad ass it is going to sound when i say i ran my first marathon at 22. need to train seriously, eh? 26.2 miles. KAAAZAM!

4. i knit (obviously) and want to log my projects with pics here. ravelry is good too but i’d rather have all this centralized in one place.

5. i need to vent. i am pretty angry at the world and its systems. i am prone to  thinking that i can make a small difference to make life easier in my immediate surrounding and pretty frequently i get kicked around for this.  i dont hate humanity, i just think we are corrupt as hell. if anything its my love for humanity that fuels my anger.  (obviously there are a select few who hear about all this ramblin’ too much… this is also to give their ear a rest. bless your hearts.) often its hard for me to articulate. seeing my words sometimes really helps me to figure out what i believe or what i am feeling in regards to the issues much bigger than me. please note:  i will flip flop, don’t judge. if you do, you are an asshole. 

6. i want to have a reference for things i find online and be able to come back to them easily.

7. i haven’t had my period in over a year. that is likely key factor in my wavering sanity and its not that i am trying to deliberately refuse help. i simply dont believe in western medicine anymore, its about a quick fix and has nothing to do with preventative care. most pharmaceuticals haven’t been tested properly and we have no idea what the long term effects are. i’m not judging you for taking them so long as you don’t judge me for refusing them. that is all. i have tried birth control, i won’t do it again. the women’s anatomy is pretty fucking complex and the only answer is the pill. i cannot accept that. so, i am constantly reading about alternative women’s health stuff. don’t worry boys, this has strong overlap with the politic rants i am prone to.

8. i am vegan and cook vegan food. i will post awesome pics of delicious food and try to make the world go veg. not realistic, drrr. but it would be nice to persuade at least a handful of folks that 1.) being vegan isn’t as hard as you think 2.) its better for you, the environment and animals 3.) its a way of being an activist everyday.   i probably have a more diverse diet than most and that i am pretty health conscious.

disclaimer: you don’t need as much protein as you believe. 10% of your calories…. that is it. and veggies have protein. i’m just fine i promise. you should be more concerned about FIBER, found only in plants.    and what about calcium? if your worried about my bones, dont be. calcium has nothing to do with it. (and if it did… veggies got em too and so does rice milk, etc.) i’m pretty sure that horses and gorillas have strong healthy bones and they don’t drink milk their entire lives…. much less from another species EVER in their lives… so yah. its a bit unnatural. you can’t argue otherwise.   anyway, strong bones are built by strong muscles. build up your muscles and your bones compensate. third world countries are just starting to get osteoporosis. its because they’re modernizing (aka sitting in offices) and eating more SAD (standard american diet). don’t mess with me on nutrition. i am not interested in what you think you know.

8. how is this different than lj? good question