Remoy and I saw a missing frenchie poster a while ago and it broke my french-bulldog-loving-heart and also made me think of my favorite so-ugly-she’s-unbelievably-cute friend back home with my mom. Here are some of this smelly princess. Her name is Flora. She also responds to Bulldog, FloraDora, Flo, FloFlo, and Baby Bulldog.


Don’t worry. I will work on more intelligent blogs for the future. She is too cute and I am dog deprived.


City Seed Stitch Cap

July 4, 2009


Designed by Alyssa Kabel

This two tone seed stitch cap is a simple and clean design bound to please even the pickiest guy. The pebbled seed stitch pattern is both subtle and sophisticated. 

Finished Size: Adult 20 – 21” (50 cm)

Yarn: 2 balls of Rowan Organic Pure Life in two contrasting colors (137 yards/125 meters, 100% superwash wool). I used colors Barley #15 as color A and Mocha #17 as color B.

Needles: #6 16” circular and #6 DP’s Gauge: 20 sts = 4” in seed stitch (10cm)

Notions: Marker Darning needle


Cast on 101 sts with color A. Place marker. Join in the round being careful not to twist.

Row 1: *K1P1* (Note: With an odd number of stitches when connected in the round, the pattern will automatically create seed stitch.)

Repeat Row 1 with color A for 3.5” slipping the marker as you come to it. At the marker change to color B for two rounds. Alternate color A and B twice more. Break color A and continue in color B.

When hat measures 7.5”, start decreasing. When your stitches are beginning to stretch around your circular and it is becoming difficult to knit, switch to the double pointed needles or utilize the magic loop technique.

Decrease Rows: Cut yarn, leaving a 6″ (15-cm) tail. Thread tail onto a tapestry needle, draw through remaining stitches, and pull tight to close top of hat. Weave in loose ends.

Indian Gold

July 4, 2009



Designed by Alyssa Kabel 

Finished Length:          

Yarn:          1 skein of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk (100% Silk, 137 yards).

Other Materials: 1 small button for closure, less than ½” in diameter

Needles:            #2 32” addi turbo lace needle (Recommended for the extra pointy tip that is helpful when knitting re-cast on stitches.) The 24″ length is a little too bunched. 40″ would also work. 

Gauge:         N/A. The most important factor in this project is that the material is knit densely.

Note:          This pattern can easily be repeated to increase the number of strands. 


CO:          Cast on         K: Knit         P: Purl          BO: Bind Off         YO:         Yarn over

K2tog:          Knit 2 stitches together

KFBF:          Knit stitch leaving it on the left needle, knit into the back loop of this stitch, do not slip the stitch off, knit into the front of the stitch again and slide all three off together.

BO: Bind Off         YO:         Yarn over                  P3tog: purl 3 sts together


Necklace Pattern:

CO 210 sts evenly.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: K5 *bind off 8 sts, K2* repeat between *’s. End row with K7

Row 3: K7 *cast on 8 sts, K2* repeat between *’s. End row with K5.

Row 4: Knit

Row 5: Bind off stitches until one stitch remains.

Row 6: Cast on 114. (115 sts total)

Row 7: K1 *YO, K2tog*  Repeat between *’s. End row with K2.

Row 8: Knit

Row 9: Bind off stitches until one stitch remains.

Row 10: Cast on 144 sts (145 sts)

Row 11: Knit row.

Row 12: Repeat Row 9

 Row 13: Cast on 134 sts (135 sts)

Row 14: Knit one row.

Row 15: Repeat Row 9

Row 16: Cast on 124 sts (125 sts)

Row 17: K1 *Kfbf, turn, p3tog, turn, knit bobbled stitch, K3* Repeat between *’s. End row with K5.

Row 18: Bind off in the purl stitch.

Button Closure:

Pick up 4 at either end of necklace.

Knit 2 rows.

Next row: K1 st, BO 2 sts, K1.

Next row: K1, CO 2 sts, K1.

Knit 1 row even. Bind off.

Work all ends in.

Sew button on opposite end of closure.

Blocking Instructions:

Immerse necklace completely in water, soak for a minute or two. Wrap necklace in towel and squeeze excess water out. Lay flat to dry. Pull “O’s” from the first strand of the necklace open. For the bobble strand, give each bobble a tug so they stand out.  Allow time to dry.

go see it.

June 11, 2009

monday mornin

April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009



Fountain Pen Shawl: DONE. I am going to wear this a lotta. I have a couple weddings this summer too.

Sierra: MOVED. Pretty bummed on that. She and her parents moved to Park Slope where they found a ‘nicer’ place with equal rent. I’d sell my soul to afford the downstairs apartment. Our landlord fixed it up for himself to live there but its a one bedroom and he has a 9 year old kid, so that didnt work. It has a garden space, the layout is great, 1.5 bathrooms. Did I mention the garden space? My brother gave me a hammock that he got in Mexico, I’m hoping I can figure out where to put it when I move. Anyway, I dont have a dog to hang out with on Mondays. It was wonderful but too short lived.

August 2, 2008

April 1, 2009

ramblin man

March 24, 2009

i never posted pics from san diego so here yall go. aidden is a little bugger, 100% pure energy. 


hmmpphh. what have i accomplished today? not much. after much waiting and waiting and a little bit o’ stress in the mix, the apartment was finally exterminated today. i threw away my loft bed, my mattress and some other junk yesterday. its a lot of money down the tubes but lets just put it this way…if bed bugs are in my yarn, ima flip a shit. i wont be getting any new furniture until i have a new place. if you have never had these creatures in your bed, be grateful. to say that the bites itch is an understatement. they have the ability to drive a fairly sane person completely mad. theyre fierce.

for some reason i have the following song stuck in my head…  some good ole allman bros…

Lord, I was born a ramblin man,
Tryin to make a livin and doin the best I can.
And when its time for leavin,
I hope youll understand,
That I was born a ramblin man.

Well my father was a gambler down in georgia,
He wound up on the wrong end of a gun.
And I was born in the back seat of a greyhound bus
Rollin down highway 41.

Im on my way to new orleans this mornin,
Leaving out of nashville, tennessee,
Theyre always having a good time down on the bayou,
Lord, them delta women think the world of me.

Lord, I was born a ramblin man,
Tryin to make a livin and doin the best I can.
And when its time for leavin,
I hope youll understand,
That I was born a ramblin man.

(it may or may not be related to the fact that the bed bug guy was telling me for a full half hour about his divorce/his crazy wife/his 2 year old/his 4 year old/the difficulty he is having finding a woman younger than 40 who doesnt want kids but wants to take care of his/the inner conflict he is having with himself for not fighting for full custody…..)

besides that these are my spring/summer plans and in no order…..

1.) wedding in texas- weekend of may 2, moderately-extremely nervous to meet the family

2.) marathon in buffalo- weekend of may 24, completely/totally unprepared. i just hope i dont mess up my knees permanently or something. life has seriously been getting in the way of my running for a while now.

3.) new apartment- lease is up july 1st, after this bed bug mess… i really cant wait.

4.) 1 year at the point – may 17, wheewww-eeee. its been a ride.

5.) maybe another visit with remoy to buffalo in april to meet my family if the monetary stuff doesnt get too big.

6.) machu pichu – weekend of june 4, CANT WAIT. Me, James, and one of my favorite people in the chorus. Perhaps we will his up the Nazca lines? 

7.) erik and emily’s wedding – weekend of june 12, its on long island… that means a lot of extended family in town. emu and matt will chill here for a week after so i am totally looking forward to that.